Seymour’s New Emergency Traffic Preemption System

The Seymour Fire Department is in the process of activating its new Emergency Traffic Light Preemption System along US 50 (Tipton Street) and at two other intersections in Seymour.

Preemption is the ability of an approaching emergency vehicle to stop normal operation of the traffic signal and give the approaching emergency vehicle a green light. All other signals will turn red until the emergency vehicle passes through the intersection.

Fire Chief Brad Lucas said the system will reduce response time of emergency vehicles and reduce intersection crashes between emergency vehicles and other vehicles.

Indicator lights have been installed on the traffic light spans on U.S. 50 and at the intersections of Broadway and Second streets and Ewing and Sixth streets to help the public and emergency vehicles see the system is activated.  A constant white light indicates an emergency vehicle is coming up behind you, and you need to move forward through the green light and get out of the way as best you can. If the white light is flashing, then you need to stop until emergency vehicles have cleared the area.

“Seeing emergency vehicle lights in your rear view and also having a green light can be confusing, but the idea is to clear the intersection for the emergency vehicle, so motorists should move forward with traffic to get clear of the intersection,” said city engineer Bernie Hauersperger. Emergency vehicles can pass motorists easier in the areas between signals, he added.

Seymour is starting preemption services with fire trucks but should have other emergency vehicles using the system in the near future. Each vehicle will have a special code to access the preemption devices.

The system cost a total of $205,000 and was funded by the City of Seymour with American Rescue Act funds.

Contact: January Rutherford, public information specialist, 812-498-2447 or



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