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Board of Zoning Appeals - Agenda

Board of Zoning Appeals

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4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm

Meeting Location

Seymour Council Chambers
301-309 N. Chestnut
Council Chambers
Seymour, IN 47274

More Information

Contact Patty in Planning and Zoning at 812-522-4746
or email ptormoehlen@seymourin.org



B.Z.A. MEETING - October 25, 2022

This will be the Agenda for the B.Z.A. Meeting to be held October 25,2022 at 7:00 p.m. at Seymour City Hall and ZOOM/GoToMeeting (see attached)




B.Z.A. 0-21-22 Kenny & Adam Perry Petitioners: Petitioners are requesting a Variance at 1021 W Oak St to build a 40‘x 60’ garage.  He can not meet the front setback due to the property being on a corner lot. This was postponed from the September 27,2022 B.Z.A. meeting due to the fact the Petitioners forgot and did not show up.

B.Z.A. 0-23-22 Cody Skinner Petitioner: Petitioner is requesting a Variance at 901 Holly Dr. to build a fence on his property but lives on a corner lot and is restricted to where he can put the fence.  It was tabled from the September 27, 2022, B.Z.A. meeting because a compromise was needed on where he could put the fence to appease the Board and neighbors. The Board asked for Bernie Hauersperger (City Engineer) to go look and make a recommendation for a good placement of the fence. He is giving a recommendation of bringing it in to 35 ft.

B.Z.A. 0-26-22 Medaris Property LLC Petitioner: Petitioner is requesting a Variance at 1103 & 1115 S Walnut St., to have a secondary structure before a primary structure. He is splitting a parcel of land and there is a secondary structure already on a parcel which will be there before the primary can be built.  Also, once the land is replated he is asking for a rear setback Variance because the  said garage will be 5 ft from the back of the property instead of the required 20 ft rear setback.



Event Information

Event Date 10-25-2022 7:00 pm
Event End Date 10-25-2022 8:00 pm
Location City of Seymour Offices

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